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Are you feeling stuck or confused about how to manage your current situation and wanting


Some issues that my clients have brought to coaching include;

  • Jane felt overwhelmed at work, was not taking lunch breaks or eating properly and was overweight. She wanted help with adjusting her lifestyle so that she could reduce her stress at work and look after herself better. In addition she felt conflicted about her financial goals and how they meshed with those of her husband.

  • Helen was worried that she might lose her job in the coming re-structure at work and she wanted to get clear on what other work she could do.

  • John was having trouble getting work, despite being highly qualified and with good referees. He was highly stressed by the pressure he felt from his family to get a job

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Mindfulness Coaching

As your coach, I will listen fully to all your concerns and we will jointly decide which issues we will focus on first. Meetings are held weekly or fortnightly meetings, face to face, by Skype or by phone, I will help you to achieve movement towards resolution or full resolution in a time effective manner.

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